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Silicon technology (both CMOS and SiGe) has made tremendous progress towards ever higher device cut-off frequencies. Nowadays all RF components for mm-Wave sensing applications up to 120 GHz can be Ambitious 3‐D integration concept for a SiP solution.realized in advanced SiGe BiCMOS technology or even in nano-scale CMOS. Monolithic integration of the digital baseband processor, data converters, and mm-Wave circuitry on the same chip enables the fabrication of the complete mm-wave sensor electronics at cost of well below 1 €. Furthermore mm-wavelengths radio waves result in mm-size antennas and even antenna arrays become small enough to be integrated in the IC package. Hence complete miniaturized mm-Wave sensor systems can be realized using a System-in-Package approach (“mm-Wave SiP”). Low cost and miniaturization of mm-wave sensor systems will enable a great variety of distance sensing applications such as industrial sensing (distance, speed, material characterisation), public and private safety (motion detectors, even behind wall paper), automotive (wheel suspension measurement, pedestrian safety), replacement of cheap ultra-sonic sensors (distance measurement) and others.