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Penetration of mm-wave sensing technology into very-high-volume markets will only happen if overall sensor production cost will be low enough and technological challenges are mastered in the context of high-volume production.

The SUCCESS consortium targets to develop a design & technology platform for IC-package-antenna codesign and to establish best-practice IC and test design methods. Research is focused on 3 main topics:

S/T Objective 1: Low-cost mm-wave SiP technology platform and design methodology:
plastic SMD-type package, 3D-integration of planar antenna technology on low-cost substrate together with SiGe BiCMOS technology; co-design of antenna, package, and chip


S/T Objective 2: mm-wave SoC design:
SoC integration by means of digital-controlled mm-wave frontend and asynchronous digital baseband processor design


S/T Objective 3: mm-Wave Design for Test (DFT): developing novel methods for mm-wave Built-In-Self-Test (BIST) and mm-wave sensor System-In-Package test