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SUCCESS targets to develop a technology platform and best-practice design methods to enable the breakthrough of silicon mm-Wave SoCs for high-volume applications. Silicon technology (CMOS, SiGe) has The “road to success” for high-volume mm-Wave applicationsmade tremendous progress towards ever higher device cut-off frequencies. Nowadays all RF components for mm-Wave sensing applications up to 120 GHz can be realized in silicon. Silicon technology hence allows integration of mm-Wave circuitry and digital logic for the realization of a true “mm-Wave System-on-Chip” (SoC). The mm-wavelengths allow mm-size antennas which potentially enable miniaturized wireless sensor systems with the size and form factor of an IC package. However several challenges make it difficult to arrive at real low cost. Firstly no true low-cost mm-wave packaging technologies with antenna-integration are available. Furthermore challenges in mm-wave SoC design arise in form of imprecise modelling and device variations. In addition production testing at such high-frequency is extremely expensive, time consuming, and error prone.