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M5S 1A1 Toronto

Prof. Sorin Voinigescu and his group at the Stanley Ho Chair in Microelectronics and the VLSI Research Group in the ECE Department at the University of Toronto (UOT) is focused IC design with silicon technologies for broadband and high‐frequency applications.

Tasks in the project:

  • Contribution to system specification and specification of RF frontend
  • Design of SiGe based Radar Frontend with BIST
  • Test and verification of Radar frontend


Some of UOT’ recent developments implement the highest‐frequency and most complex transceiver designs reported so far. Especially two ICs have strong relevance to the SUCCESS project: Two Single‐chip, Doppler radar transceiver frontends for active imaging applications at 94 GHz in 65nm CMOS 17 and at 165GHz in 130 nm SiGe HBT technology with 300 GHz fMAX and a digital back end. The CMOS chip includes a fundamental frequency oscillator, a low noise amplifier, a differential PA, downconvert mixer, and baseband amplifier. The DSB receiver noise figure is 7dB, the conversion gain is 10.5dB, while the VCO phase noise at the transmitter output is ‐90dBc/Hz at 1MHz offset with a tuning range from 90.5GHz to 93.5 GHz. The transceiver chip consumes a total of 280 mW from 1.2V.