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Im Technologiepark 25
15236 Frankfurt (Oder)

Silicon Radar is a technology oriented company that gains a competitive advantage through the application of advanced and cost‐efficient IC‐design and fabrication technologies. Silicon Radar develops and delivers advanced, SiGe‐based millimeter‐wave integrated circuits (MMIC) for wireless communications and radar applications. The main areas of expertise are:

» Single‐chip radar systems,
» 60GHz communication systems,
» X‐band phased array RF‐frontends and power amplifiers, and
» Terahertz circuits for communications and imaging.

Silicon Radar was founded as a spin‐off company by employees of the Leibniz Research Institute IHP GmbH (www.ihp‐ in June 2006.

Tasks in the project:

  • Contribution to system specification and specification of RF frontend
  • Design of SiGe based Radar Frontend
  • Test and verification of Radar frontend
  • Contribution to system integration and demonstrator


  • mm‐Wave circuit design
  • Single‐chip radar frontends
  • Circuit blocks for frequencies of 120 GHz and beyond
  • Design for and application of flip‐chip mounting technologies


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