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Fabrikstrasse 9
5600 Lenzburg

Hightec MC, a privately owned SME, is a microelectronic manufacturer located in Switzerland with a staff of around 32 people specialized for the development and the production of: Thin films circuits on substrats (e.g. Al2O3, AlN, glass), high frequency circuits, rigid and flexible multilayer circuits on polyimide, assembly of microcircuits, packagid MEMS.

Tasks in the project:

  • thin film technology
  • (package prototypes)


Expected contributions of Hightec to the project are in the fields:
Definition of specifications from the point of view of a manufacturer. Development of rigid and flex, single and multilayer substrates on the basis of spin‐on and thin film technologies.
Integration of resistors, capacitors and RF structures. Specifications of integrated components, design and realisation of test vehicles and demonstrators. Assembly of flip chip and discrete components. Exchange of experience among project partners.

Facilities and equipment:
All equipment for designing and processing of thin films on rigid substrates and flex multilayers, as CAD, sputtering, photolithographic structuring, electro plating, sawing and packaging.